Volunteer – Museum of Childhood


1. A DAY IN YOUR LIFE .. I help the Learning department with school groups and work on the Game Plan exhibition helping visitors where required ⭐️⭐️⭐️
2. WHAT PART DO YOU THINK MUSEUMS PLAY IN THE UPBRINGING OF OUR CHILDREN? It offers an opportunity to learn outside of the school environment as well as enjoying themselves. Allows them to exercise their curiosity and their creativity by engaging with different things 🙌🙌🙌
3. WHAT EVENTS/EXHIBITIONS WOULD YOU RECOMMEND FOR FAMILIES? Game Plan is excellent for families. Hands on interactives and you become part of a massive board game as you wander round.
4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE OBJECT IN THE MUSEUM? The purple furby in the ‘Moving Toys’ area that looks like one I had as a child.
5. EARLIEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY? A cathedral my Great Grandma used to take us too. I was scared of the faces of the angels on the wall.
6. APART FROM MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MUSEUM AND WHY? The V&A @vamuseum, because of the vast amount of objects available to discover.