Phil – Churchill War Rooms


1. A DAY IN YOUR LIFE .. The day would start with any staff welfare issues, the physical state of the CWR and often meetings with marketing, PR, fund raising etc. Meetings would often be held to discuss developing the commercial success of the museum. I would frequently give tours to VIPs and visitors, talk at events, visit Duxford & meet with managers at @imperialwarmuseums.
2. WHAT PART DO YOU THINK MUSEUMS PLAY IN THE UPBRINGING OF OUR CHILDREN? A vital one. Museums bring to life what you read on the page, are taught in a classroom, see on the TV. They are the ultimate reality show: real lives, real history, real tangible artefacts 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
3. WHAT EVENTS/EXHIBITIONS WOULD YOU RECOMMEND FOR FAMILIES? The Churchill Museum has electronic interactive and engaging displays, plus also the the various hands on and personal interactions that happen periodically throughout the public areas, as well as the talks from volunteers that help give you context and background.
4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE OBJECT IN THE MUSEUM? The Orpen portrait of Churchill. It so captures that massive disappointment he felt when effectively being forced from office after the failure of the Gallipoli campaign, but combining with an indomitability, resilience and confidence that so typifies Churchill.
5. APART FROM CWR WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MUSEUM AND WHY? @nationalportraitgallery Paintings of people allow so much of their personalities, personal history, lives, loves and losses to come across. There is also lots on offer for families to enjoy! #milkatthemuseummeets