My Winter and Jonah


WHAT IS IT YOU LOVE ABOUT MUSEUMS? I love the event of going to a Museum. You start at the beginning and you can wander slowly through time and history. I’m a romantic and I love to create stories attached to artifacts, trying to imagine who owned them and placing them in a moment in time. It makes me happy ⭐️
BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY? Being with my Great Uncle, who always used to sing silly songs to me. My Grandfathers had both died when I was quite young, so he was really like my Grandfather. I remember being in Duthy Park in Aberdeen; feeding the ducks, watching the Koi Carp in the Winter Gardens and watching a singing cactus rather strangely, but knowing that I was with one of my most favourite people and having the best day. I must have been about 4 I think ⭐️
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MUSEUM AND WHY? Love the Natural History, love V&A but my favourite is The Museu Nacional de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro because it brings back great memories of when I spent time in Brazil, but also because it was full of things that interested me specifically as my degree was in Hispanic Studies ⭐️
WHAT WAS THE LAST PICTURE YOU TOOK ON YOUR PHONE? It was actually one that my husband took of me sleeping, which I wasn’t pleased with as I didn’t like the way I looked! ⭐️
IF YOU WERE TO CREATE A PIECE OF ART WHAT WOULD THE SUBJECT BE? I’m not really an artist but I do love photography… so I’ll say my children and their Daddy, who bring me the most joy ⭐️
WHO WOULD BE YOUR PERFECT MUSEUM BUDDY? Is it sad to say that I would probably be my perfect museum buddy? Whenever I go with my husband @the_candad_camera I feel like I have a time limit. If I have to say someone, I’ll say Dex from @adventures_of_dexter_and_axel because I’ve heard he loves a good museum! ⭐️
ANY PARENTING TIPS? Never leave the bathroom door open and the toilet up, my children stick their hands in and splash!