WHAT IS IT YOU LOVE ABOUT MUSEUMS? My dad actually worked behind the scenes at The Australian Museum in Sydney so I spent a lot of my time watching him putting together dinosaur bones and building dioramas. I love that each item in there has been lovingly chosen, preserved and displayed. Whether it’s a fancy shoe or a creepy old Victorian piece of taxidermy, I love that all the objects are loved and valued 💛
BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY? Collecting treasures in rockpools in Australia 💎
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MUSEUM AND WHY? I love The Australian Museum for obvious reasons, but my fave UK one would be the V&A @vamuseum! I love discovering all the quiet parts. There’s a whole section of tiny Japanese laquered boxes that make me so happy. They look like 200 year old Tamogotchis ❤️🇯🇵❤️
WHAT WAS THE LAST PICTURE YOU TOOK ON YOUR PHONE? 9 Farrow and Ball swatches lined up on a magnolia wall. Yep, I’m that person!! 😂
IF YOU WERE TO CREATE A PIECE OF ART WHAT WOULD THE SUBJECT BE? I would create a Tracy Emin style installation of our lounge room after a rainy weekend with the kids! 🎨☔️🎨
WHO WOULD BE YOUR PERFECT MUSEUM BUDDY? My mum, she’s an ex art teacher, she knows EVERYTHING, it’s like having my personal tour guide. We’re also both big fans of museum cafes. Our best chats happen over carrot cake 🍰
ANY PARENTING TIPS? Pick your battles, if they want to wear pyjamas to the shops, just go with it, embrace the chaos 🙌🙌
📷 credit @philippajames