Aye Aye Captain! A day with Go Boat

go boat

So we headed on down to Paddington at the weekend to go try out a little boat trip with Go Boat.  Literally about a 5 minute walk from the station, it couldn’t be easier to get there.  We got welcomed by a super friendly chap who put the kids at ease and started off our journey in a very relaxed way.  Just to be clear, the boat is an electric powered open top one, not an actual canal boat, so extremely easy to drive which is a good job, because on this boat, you, or one of your family/friends will be captain.  There is no guide or supervision which makes it all the more relaxing.  The kids were supplied with lifejackets, a pirate hat, sticker and balloon and then we were set free to explore for 2 hours.

The boat was super easy to drive and the route very straightforward too.  You go to Little Venice, past Regents Park and London Zoo and can continue to Camden.  We decided to not go the whole way, we had a 2 and 4 year old on the boat and attention spans are short, we didn’t want to push our luck.  We took a picnic with us and the trip was so relaxing, bar the odd toddler escape to see Daddy.  There were plenty of ducks, a dark long tunnel to navigate your way through, animals at London Zoo to spot and a shed load of canal folk.  Canal life is pretty darn special and the people we met along the way were all really friendly adding to the experience.

The kids played Captain, Daddy played Captain and me well I just sat back (kind of) and lapped it all up.  Was a bit gutted when it was time to head back but the toddler was needing sleep so it was perfect timing.  It was mega easy handing the boat back, in fact I was amazed at how easy and stress free the whole experience was.

Our verdict

Absolutely loved it!  I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous about the 2 year old on an open top boat but there was plenty to keep him amused and it felt mega safe.  A fabulous way to see London and experience canal life and a super fun way to spend the day as a family.  I am already planning the next trip.

Tips if you visit

There were 4 of us on the boat but you can have up to 8, so would totally recommend going with more people…for the extra pair of hands to help with the kids and also to keep costs down.  Take a picnic, and ALL the snacks and be realistic with your timing with young children, there is no toilet on the boat and no one wants an angry, restless, tired toddler on their hands.

Costs vary but 2 hours on a boat at the weekend costs £109, up to 8 people can enjoy a Go Boat at one time.  For more information head to https://goboat.co.uk.


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