The day we had tea with a Tiger at the Discover Children’s Story Centre

TigerThe Discover Children’s Story Centre is an absolute dream for young kiddies and a total haven for us parents.  A place where imaginations come alive and stories become reality, we have always had a soft spot for this East London treasure.  The immersive exhibitions are consistently fantastic but ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea and the Adventures of Mog the Forgetful Cat’ is, in my view, its best one yet.  First you enter the house of Sophie and her parents and you embark on the Judith Kerr adventure with a truly wonderful story teller.  My 4 year old is not one to sit and listen to stories but it was so inviting and fun, it had her gripped.  The children are encouraged to take part and both my 2 and 4 year old got totally involved.  A thoroughly enjoyable start to the session which then leads you into the exhibition.  I reckon I must have repeatedly said ‘Wow’ throughout the duration, let alone the kids.  There is so much for them to get their hands on, with fancy dress, a giant cat flap you can crawl through, a garden, slides, shops, a bus you can ride, a crocodile under the bed and so much more, you are immediately transported into the world of 14 Judith Kerr books and what a magical world it is.

Our verdict

It was amazing and we are so excited to get back to investigate further.  It is an experience you could go back to many times and was an absolute hit with both children, I think I will be hearing about their tea with the Tiger for quite some time.  The attention to detail is spot on making the whole experience really quite magical and the best bit…the kids are encouraged to make as much mess as they like, and us parents don’t have to clear it up, hoorah!

Tips if you visit

Make sure you check out their tiger themed cupcakes in the café…the Tiger hadn’t yet got his hands on those.

The exhibition is now open and is running until September 2019.  It is aimed at families aged 0-8 and ticket prices are £8 for adults and children, £3.50 for one year olds and children under one go free.  It is strongly recommended that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.  You can book on



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