Chocolate making at the Chocolate Museum

chocolate museumHow have I never heard of the Chocolate Museum, I mean chocolate and museum, errrr, two of the best things in life all rolled into one.  I was so excited when I found it on the family app Hoop I just knew we had to check it out.  First off it’s in Brixton which is a fun place to visit in itself, so much creativity in the streets and a place that’s always buzzing, it was really nice to get to this neck of the woods after such a long time.  The museum is on a really nice road with a load of cool restaurants, shops and hangouts so we didn’t need to go much further.  We had such a friendly welcome to the Chocolate museum, the staff are so enthusiastic and great with kids.  We first ventured down stairs to check out the museum, its super small but ideal as an introduction to chocolate before you start your chocolate making.  We were then asked to order our ingredients, we chose ganache, fudge, chocolate sprinkles and 100s and 1000s.  It was then time to make the filling, I was amazed my 4 year old didn’t tuck straight in, and really got involved in the task at hand.  We had such fun and got totally messy in the process.  We then had to cool the chocolate to the right temperature and dip all our fillings into it, loads more mess, loads more laughs.  I think my daughter at this point just repeatedly kept saying ‘when it’s cool we can eat it’ she was pretty excited and getting pretty impatient, fair enough though, I was feeling the same.  Lastly we used the remaining chocolate to fill our heart and teddy bear moulds which would be put on sticks.  We got to take home so many chocolates, with cute packaging provided they make ideal gifts so think we will be sharing these out with the grandparents, without the kids knowing of course, ha.

Our verdict

We had the best time, getting totally covered in chocolate and just having a whole heap of fun and the chocolates are absolutely delish.

Tips if you visit

You absolutely must order yourself a Hot Chocolate, possibly one of the best I have ever tasted, and definitely take a load of wipes, which most parents usually have on hand anyhow but me however….massive parent fail!!

The dropping in sessions run from 12-5 on a Saturday and tickets cost £15 for one adult and child.  For that you get all the ingredients and a whole heap of chocolates in packaging to take home.  Book your tickets easily through the Hoop app


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