Snow Baby at the Half Moon Theatre

snow baby 2We were very excited, in collaboration with Hoop, to check out this performance aimed at 3+ year olds. My 4 year old Ivy has only recently been introduced to the theatre so this felt like the perfect show to keep the theatre buzz alive. The theatre, located in Limehouse East London, is quite a beauty and their family friendly offerings are really good. Snow Baby is a show which explores family and love and loss.  It was magical!  A one woman show, which I found mighty impressive, that managed to hold Ivy’s attention for the whole 50 minutes (perfect timing for a fidgety 4 year old by the way). Happy Days! The story is of Doris and Bear Man, a couple in love, who live on a hill alone but happy and when Bear Man disappears Doris has to survive by herself surrounded by forest, bad weathers and crows. A moving story told through the use of beautiful music, puppetry and plenty of interaction. The props included confetti, party hats and flowers, all of which the kids could get their hands on. The snow, crows and glitter dust thrown about the stage by fans was particularly mesmerizing and yes I had a little tear in my eye throughout but there was a whole lot of laughter too with funny bits also thrown in.

Our verdict

We absolutely loved it!! Ivy’s favourite bit was the dancing in the snow, mine was the goose bump music and the wedding. A really lovely experience and with tickets costing only £7 each we will absolutely be going back to see other performances.

This was a one off performance but there are future shows aimed at ages 3+ which you can book via Hoop now.  Rise and Fall, where you will meet all manner of balloons from small floating moons to vast bouncing orbs, is showing on 19th January and Susannah and the Sunflower, a tale about Susannah who sets out on a fantastical shadow adventure, following in the footsteps of Jack and the Beanstalk, is on 26th January.

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