The Incurably Curious Afternoon Tea at the Wellcome Collection

wellcome collectionOk so I love an afternoon tea but once you’ve been to two or three you’ve kind of been to them all right. Well apparently not, last week we got invited to the Incurably Curious Afternoon Tea at the Wellcome Collection and boy was I curious. I absolutely love it when museums add to their experience and this was just a fabulous addition to this great free museum that explores medicine, life and art. Located in a beautiful green room with various artworks on the wall, we were treated to the most eccentric, fun experience. It started off with their very own lemonade, inspired by the man himself Henry Wellcome, which was totally unique and refreshing, followed by my personal fave, brain cake, yes a brain on a plate, sounds hideous, tastes like you would not believe. The brightest looking cocktails and a panna cotta served in an egg personally picked out of an egg box were additional highlights, all served by the very helpful staff. On top of that there were scrumptious savouries including fish, egg and coronation chicken, tasty sweets in the form of chocolate and carrot cake and this was all before we had even hit the scones. Oh my they were good! Oh and tea, how could I forget the tea. With a selection of 11 teas to choose from that’ll be your hardest decision of the day. That and how you’re going to roll yourself home. A brilliant experience which is now totally on my gift list for someone I think would enjoy something a little different from the norm.

Would I take kids?

To be totally honest probably not, although they were very welcoming to my two I think this is one for the adults to enjoy, plus there’s a load of crockery about!

The Incurably Curious Afternoon Tea costs £30 per person. There is an additional cost of £8 for the cocktails or £5 for Prosecco.

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