Museums in the holidays

I know I know the holidays are nearly done but it wont be long and then it will be the next holidays so I want to give you a few tips on how to cope with museum visits during these crazy busy times. I can guarantee you they are a much more pleasant experience than a load of other family attractions as they are so well equipped for families and quite often free so just follow the below and your visit will be that little bit easier…


I cannot emphasise this one enough…be there for when the doors open.  It’s pretty likely if you have kids you will be up early anyway so just get out the PJ’s and get yourself  to the museum for opening…then feel smug for being the first in the queue 😉  Well behind me, obvs!


The Natural History Museum, as amazing as it is, will without a doubt be absolute carnage, the whole world and their wife will be heading there so avoid, avoid, avoid!  If you do go and cant face the carnage, head on over to the Science Museum.  For some unknown reason to me, it is always less busy and will save the day and, well, you know you get to hang out with spaceships and astronauts! But really, just check out the smaller museums, The Postal Museum, National Army Museum and the Museum of London Docklands are all absolutely brilliant for the kiddies and will be a whole lot more pleasant.


Go grab a table at 11.30, wait any longer you’ll be fighting with the masses and while everyone else is then having their lunch hit the museum while it’s (a teeny weeny) bit calmer. And on that note take your own lunch (museum cafes tend to be, in my opinion, a little expensive) so for a cheap day out, or even a free one in most museum cases, pack some sarnies!


As many as you can muster, the more mates, the more eyes, hands and support.  And you may even get to talk to them for all of 5 seconds while you have your lunch…happy days!


Have an idea of the exhibitions you really want to see and I would say do a bit of research before your trip so you know where you’re heading.  At least then you wont be disappointed when you’re kids get tired and you haven’t yet seen that gallery you had your heart set on.

And last but by no means least…


I know pretty darn obvious right, but I’m talking a bucket load of snacks, crisps, raisins, bananas whatever it takes.  They have literally been a life saver to me on museum trips, for the train journey, the queue, the afternoon slump… SORTED!!!!

And that just leaves me to say Happy Holidays…you know where I am if you want a fellow companion 😉

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