Why I have an issue with the ‘Stay at Home Mum’ label?

IMG_0043Ok well first off what is this, the 1950s?! Geez Louise can someone possibly update this title already. Now I’m sure it’s not just me that feels that it comes with such a stigma attached to it. Google stay at home mum images and you’ll get exactly what I’m talking about. To me it implies that you maybe sit indoors all day watching a bit of day time telly, doing some ironing, washing and cooking and baking of course, in a pinny with your marigolds and feather duster on while entertaining the kids. PURLEEEEASE!!!! I can’t think of anything worse and if this is was what I actually did on a daily basis I would be bolting for the door.

It is also quite derogatory, I mean the amount of times I have heard people express ‘I am just a stay at home mum’. JUST…what is that?! Talk about doing yourself an injustice, it is the hardest flipping job in the world that you don’t get paid one penny for and you can’t even be proud of that fact. We are responsible for literally raising the future. Every day your actions alone will be an example to them of how they should behave in the outside world. Could there be a bigger more rewarding task. I feel the phrase makes us feel shameful and inadequate when really we should be feeling like we are the absolute bomb.

For me the stay at home bit couldn’t be further from the truth and I’m sure a lot of you other Mamas will agree. My two smalls and I go out every single day, maybe to the supermarket, playgroup, park, the local caf and errr a museum or two. This is mainly for my sanity as a whole day at home would drive me crazy, let alone the kids. Don’t get me wrong we spend a few hours indoors, mainly when the kids nap so I can get stuff done in the house but apart from the peace and quiet this is my least favourite time of day. While we are out and about they are being educated socially and mentally whilst taking in all that fresh air. What’s not to love!

Also it just sounds so uninspiring. Not sure I ever would have admitted to wanting to be a ‘stay at home mum’ when I was younger. How dull and boring does it sound. It was something I fell into unwillingly due to my wages not covering the child care costs. Β How could I justify working for nothing when I have kids?! But turns out I absolutely love it (well…there are times I most definitely want to quit and leave the little rascals, like every day last week) but generally I wouldn’t change a thing, apart from being constantly broke, that bit kind of sucks. At the end of the day though it is such a short period of time which I am definitely going to look back on as some of the best years of my life.

This pretty much just leaves me to say that really I would like to rephrase this term and start calling it ‘Getting out and educating the kids on the world Mum’ and holding my head high in the process! Β What do you reckon?

4 thoughts on “Why I have an issue with the ‘Stay at Home Mum’ label?”

  1. Yes I would have shuddered at the very thought of being a SAHM a few years ago, and I still shudder slightly at the title now. You are right though – it is an amazing, important and exhausting job… I do still struggle to know what to write on forms though under occupation…


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